Tortellini by Lauren Orbison


Product Description

When his exasperated father challenges him to cook a meal for the entire family, Alphonse eagerly accepts. But will his gourmet cuisine satisfy their clan of carnivorous beasts?

Tortellini is a 2,500-word color illustrated children’s book.


He resisted the urge to take another peek at the not-boiling water and instead rummaged through his cupboards. The only ingredient he had on hand was a half-used tube of tomato paste (it was useful in helping digest raw tiger). Clearly, he would need to make a trip to the market.

Alphonse thought he ought to wear some human-style clothes to avoid scaring the locals and causing a panic. He looked through his closet (organized by both color and garment type), and put together an outfit. The chef’s hat and coat made a clever disguise, but it wasn’t foolproof. It was too warm a day for gloves, so his talons were still showing. There was also no good way to hide his tail or his girth, but it would have to do. He headed down to the local market.

The other customers gave him a wide berth. His disguise and casual attitude must have worked, though, because nobody panicked or called the Dragon Slaying Police. It was a nice change from his usual encounters with humans.

  • "Smart, edgy, and wonderful. "

    Holly Lisle